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четверг, 6 января 2011 г.

Joomla: Desactivation Of Template Position View (?tp=1)

Hi, to disactivate this future you just have to do next:

Go /libraries/joomla/application/module/helper.php

open this file in any editor then remove or put in comments these lines:

   if(JRequest::getBool('tp')) {
$result[0] = JModuleHelper::getModule( 'mod_'.$position );
$result[0]->title = $position;
$result[0]->content = $position;
$result[0]->position = $position;
this usually lays on 96th line

then below find these and do the same as written above:

                        if(JRequest::getBool('tp')) {
$attribs['style'] .= ' outline';

this usually lays on 199th line

save and it is done. Enjoy ;)

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