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понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

Grails image resizing (easiest way)

If you search something like that in google, you'll find a plugins (i hate to use them much) or some codes in 20-25 lines just for resizing. I don't think that it's a good idea to keep 20 lines of code in controller just for image resizing, and create service class for this more stupidness. after some minutes of searching i realize that Grails uses Groovy :) . I've found Thumbnailator library, download the jar file - Thumbnailator-0.3.10.jar and copy it to the grails project Libraries directory.

def file=request.getFile("files[]")
//getting file from html form
def temp = new File(savePath)
//create file where i want to save original
//creates directories if they aren't exists
//transfer file from form to the savePath
//resize our file to the 120x120 and save resized images to the thumbPlace
Oh and don't forget to add import net.coobird.thumbnailator.*
Have a nice day... -- короткий перевод :) Чтобы изменить размеры фотки в Грейлс нужно (не то чтобы нужно но можно) скачать библиотеку, линк к которой я поставил выше, поместить ее в папку Libraries и указанный выше код поможет вам изменить размеры фотки закаченной с помощью формы. Счастья...

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