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пятница, 1 июня 2012 г.

Google Drive does not work with proxy

Hi, guys!
Hope all you are fine.
Today I would like to share my knowledge about the problem with Google Drive when you install it on a machine connected to the network through proxy. So, let's begin.

Step 1. Download cntlm from this link and install it on your system (this program is like a proxifier).

Step 2. Make sure you have read/write permission for Local user or Local group on the folder you have installed cntlm in (e.g. C:\Program Files\Cntlm) to be able to save cntlm.ini.

Step 3. Open cntlm.ini and change fields:
Username: mynetworkname
Password: mypassword

Step 4: If you have Windows Vista/7, right click on cntlm.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility and check Run this program as administrator.

Step 5: To start/stop cntlm you can use commands:
net start cntlm/net stop cntlm
Or you can start it just by running cntlm.exe from the installation folder.
To trace output you can run cntlm.exe with the parameter -v, just like this: cntlm.exe -v

Step 6: Now you can open your Google Drive, sign in and enjoy syncing! :)


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